About us

Excellence in investment casting

ATS Microfusione, a specialist in the investment casting process, is the result of a synergy of expertise in the mechanical sector, with the aim of making its technological heritage available to tackle market challenges and offer increasingly advanced solutions.

A guarantee of quality and reliability

+ Reliability, expertise and decades of experience
+ Maximum design freedom for functionality and competitiveness
+ Design support for technical and economic competitiveness
+ Production flexibility, also for small batches
+ Expertise in the use of materials that are difficult to machine
+Focus on detail in component finishing
What we do

Production of custom mechanical components

We are specialists in the investment casting process for making complex custom mechanical components from steel, aluminium and special alloys, with geometries and masses ranging from 1 gram to over 60 kg. Our components feature very tight dimensional tolerance ranges.

ATS is part-owned by two important industrial companies: GFM and Gruppo Cividale.

GFM: precision mechanical components for energy and aerospace

GFM is a solid industrial company specialised in design, production, machining and assembly of precision mechanical components, with a focus on developing innovative solutions such as additive technologies. The company offers 40 years of experience, 2 plants, the latest technology and machinery, and a team of expert specialists to major international customers in the power generation and aerospace sector.
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Gruppo Cividale: forgiatura e fonderia di acciaio, alluminio e ghisa

Il Gruppo Cividale, inizialmente Acciaieria Fonderia Cividale S.p.A., è diventato uno dei principali produttori a livello europeo nel settore della fonderia di acciaio, alluminio e ghisa e nel settore della forgiatura. Il Gruppo è attivo nei settori energia, meccanica, costruzioni, componentistica per l’automotive e gli elettrodomestici. Il Gruppo si distingue per l’offerta di soluzioni innovative, tecnologicamente avanzate e di elevato profilo qualitativo.
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