Based on a synergy of expertise in the mechanical sector, ATS Microfusione is a leader in quality and production capacity, specialised in the lost wax investment casting process. ATS is the most important Italian manufacturer of custom steel, aluminium and special alloy mechanical components produced with this technology.
About us
Consolidated experience
with the main Italian and foreign mechanical companies
Specialist expertise
in complex steel, aluminium and special alloy castings
Production flexibility
for a wide range of industrial sectors
Quality assurance
and rigorous monitoring of the production process
investment casting

Lost wax investment casting

Lost wax investment casting can be used to make mechanical parts with complex geometries from various metal alloys, while respecting tight dimensional tolerances. Components produced with this technology have a high degree of dimensional stability and surface accuracy.
Materials and tolerances

Steels and alloys compatible with investment casting

investment casting is a technology that can be adapted to a wide range of materials, but achieves excellent economic and technical results with alloys that are difficult to machine: stainless nickel, chromium alloys and special cobalt alloys.

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Dal 9 giugno a MECSPE, la fiera dell’industria manufatturiera

Un nostro stand sarà presente a Mecspe 2022, la fiera internazionale di riferimento per l’industria manifatturiera, dove presenteremo la tecnologia di microfusione e le sue applicazioni industriali. Dal 9 all’11 giugno presso Bolognafiere.
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