An all-round focus on quality

ATS Microfusione offers the market high-quality products inspected with state-of-the-art instruments to guarantee reliability and repeatability. Attention to quality, safety and environment is pursued through a path towards a completely integrated management system, in order to achieve a sustainable and customer-centric governance.
Quality control

Quality control carried out on our products

Mechanical properties
Tensile testing, hardness tests
Dimensional checks
Performed with CMM measuring machines and three-dimensional scans.
Metallographic tests
Macrographic and micrographic inspections to check the crystal structures.
Non-destructive testing
Performed by qualified internal personnel with penetrating liquids, X-rays and magnetic crack detection
Chemical analysis of the material
The alloying elements in the materials are checked using a METALLAB 75-80 spectrometer

Certified quality

In order to guarantee increasing added value, we have embarked on the ISO 9001 certification process and the aerospace-specific EN ISO 9100 qualification.
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